Therapy Pool

    Our HydroWorx pool offers the ultimate in aquatic rehabilitation and exercise versatility with features that include an underwater treadmill, adjustable resistance therapy jets and more.

    HydroWorx’s patented underwater treadmill is is the perfect size to simulate appropriate walking mechanics and exercise with less pain sooner than land therapy.

    • The variable speed treadmill allows patients to progress at their own pace, with speeds ranging from .2 to 7.5 mph.
    • Various exercises against the resistance therapy jets allow patients to increase strength and range of motion in their joints and muscles.
    • Our complete massage system allows patients to adjust the flow to trigger a deep penetrating massage on arthritic joints or a light massage to ease aching and sore muscles.

    Patients with orthopedic or chronic conditions, or those recently recovering from surgery and illness, can all benefit from a HydroWorx pool. Hospitals and independent clinics depend on our pools to improve patient outcomes.

    Watch a youtube clip on the Hydroworx pools at

    Our in-ground therapy pool promotes regular activity without the risk of falls or other injuries. Research from the University of Utah shows that aging patients who consistently exercise on an underwater treadmill improve flexibility, sleep patterns and joint pain which helps residents of senior living centers remain independent longer.

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