Mission & Values

Our mission: “Providing individualized care with excellence that maximizes health and happiness to all.”

“Providing individualized care” at the center of this statement is “individualized” and that is because every individual is unique with unique needs and wants.

“Care with Excellence” Caring with excellence is key to our mission and is not limited to excellent nursing only but in every area.

As they say “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little extra”.

“That maximizes” We want to provide individualized care with excellence to each person will reach their maximum for health and happiness.

  • C “C”ing the person, really seeing and paying attention to them.
  • A “Aware” Intentionally being “Aware” of needs and wants
  • R “Responding” to the need or want, not just ignoring or wishing them well.
  • E “Excellence” Respond with “Excellence” as that is how we would want to be treated and this is how we maximize health and happiness.

Maximizing can be reducing the pace of decline, to thriving and heading home

Maximize is defined as “getting the most out of”. We want all to have the most when it comes to health and happiness.

“To All” means Every Neighbor, Every Family Member, Every Team Member,

  • To All” means we want everyone to have Maximum Health and Happiness!

  • How we give individualized care will vary based on relationship and responsibility but our mission is “for all”.

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